Adrian D. – ‘….Earn Potentially 5-6 Times as Much….”

Hi, I’m Adrian. I came across Sophie’s course about just over a year ago now. The reason why I decided to look into the Amazon course was, at the time and now still, I’m working close to 50 hours a week in a very fast-paced job as an investment banker. As a result, I really started to question whether or not my time was being spent wisely. And also, what the future would look like for me if I was to continue working for 50 hours a week, not having much time to see my family and loved ones.

The challenges that I had throughout the course was just allocating the time; blocking out the time from your Monday to Friday working week to be able to fully focus on the course, deal with suppliers and deal with customers. That was the main challenge that I’ve faced, as well as time management. I think once you are your own boss, you begin to realize that the time that you have during the day is so valuable, and that you can waste so much time if you’re not really strict and really strict on yourself as to how you’re managing your time. So I think that’s the key challenge that I faced as well.

The benefits that I had from Sophia’s course, once I started selling and making sales and having progress is you begin to realize that instead of sacrificing 10 hours a day, so let’s say eight hours a day at work and two hours a day in traveling, instead of sacrificing 10 hours a day to earn the same thing every day, you could technically apply more effort, in a smaller period of time. So let’s say two, three hours, and earn potentially five, six times as much potentially. So I began to realize that the more effort that I put in, the more value that I got back. Whereas if you’re at work and you’re working for someone else, no matter how much effort you get put in, you get paid a salary in most cases.

That was a really powerful thing for me. I realized: “Wow, I can actually work on my own business. Build something that I’m proud of, that I own, and make myself more”. Not just being financially wealthy but more emotionally and psychologically wealthy, and you begin to realize just what is possible in this amazing life that we have.

If there’s one thing that I could recommend to anyone looking to do this course, it is not to worry about the initial costs. You will make 10 if not a hundred times more of that back, either in finances or knowledge that you gain in being able to run your own business. It’s highly recommended and it’s given me the freedom and the opportunity to spend time with the people that I love because we only get one shot at life, and the time that we have on this Earth is so limited. I highly recommend taking the plunge, believing in yourself, backing yourself and taking the chance and doing this course.

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