Chelsea M. – “….I’ve sold over $100,000 of my first product….”

Hey, my name is Chelsea. I’m an Amazon seller in the U.S.

Sometimes something happens to you and you know for a fact that it’s going to change the course of your life. About a year before I met Sophie, I had lost my job.

One email and everything was gone from me. The rug pulled out and that day, I said, “I’m never working for anyone ever again. I don’t want someone to have this kind of power over me”.

So I just committed and I started studying online. I took every course. I studied after every guru. I watched every webinar, and I just said, “I need to figure out how to make this entrepreneur thing work”.

After about a year of that, I was so beaten down. I mean, it was scary. My confidence was at an all-time low. My relationships were suffering big time. Like all of my relationships. I just, I didn’t know what to do, because nothing I was learning was working. I had two Shopify stores. Both of them had failed miserably. My money was running out. I was in a really extremely bad place. And I just thought, “I don’t know where to go from here. I’m stuck”.

I decided, “I’ll take one last effort. I’ll go to this conference, this marketing conference.” It was in L.A., where I was living at the time. At that conference, it felt like a lot of the same, a lot of the same hacks and tricks from all these speakers.

And then Sophie came along, she was so different. And I thought, in my gut, I knew was the one. This is where I need to focus my energies, with this lady. And I committed. I couldn’t get it out of my mind until I decided. I woke up one day and I just committed.

I devoured her training. I started implementing in the way that I do. I listen and I implement. I follow people step by step, and I followed her step by step. And my God! Did I get results?

A year after that, I’m a year into selling, and I’ve sold over $100,000 of my first product. I have major scaling prospects in the works. I know with 100% certainty what my next five years are going to look like, and they’re going to be huge.

Just the fact that I have this confidence is so big for me because everybody needs to feel like they are giving the world something. And with all my hard work, I want to feel like I’m getting something in return. That’s exactly what this training gave me. It gave me the process plan to keep going, and have that confidence, and keep moving forward.

Actually, all that I’ve learned on Amazon has helped my family business as well. Everything I learn on Amazon, I apply to our family business, which had been struggling. It revived the family business completely up to where my mom was extending her sauce line for the first time in 10 years. And this is a business we may have had put to bed.

It’s just had this domino effect on my life, but also the people around me, because my energy’s just been contagious. I just am so glad that I went to that conference. And I’m so glad that I chose to do this training.

If you are thinking about being an entrepreneur, if you’re thinking about being an Amazon seller, don’t shop around. Trust me. I did that. Sophie is the real deal.

I’m sure there’s more out there, but I promise you, you’re not going to find a better, more caring, more compassionate coach and teacher, that’s actually gotten results and can give you a plan that you can use.

The biggest thing that she gave me was just the fact that I will never have to work for anyone ever again. And that, my friends, is amazing. So if you’re thinking about it, do it. All right. Take care.

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